Goodlec Electrical Contractors Townsville | Commercial Electrical Services
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Commercial Electrical Services


Goodlec Electrical Contractors are well equipped to provide you with electrical services you may require in a professional and friendly manner.

Our 12 month guarantee and safety policy, as well as our highly qualified technicians enable us to meet your budgetary requirements while delivering high quality electrical services, with an industry leading guarantee.

We can do all your repairs and upgrades as well as:

  • Complete shop and office fit-out
  • Conduct energy audits
  • Recommend and install the latest energy efficient lighting
  • Provide energy solutions to meet your low carbon target
  • Improve energy efficiency to entice tenants and to meet new government standards; and
  • Conduct routine maintenance services on commercial properties

General Light & Power


Next time you need electrical work completed in your workplace, why not give Goodlec Electrical Contractors a call?


In office and retail environments, we can assist with everything from small maintenance tasks like lamp changes and replacing faulty switches through to large jobs such as store refurbishments and new office fit-outs.


In warehouse and factory environments we can assist you with what ever power requirements you might have, be it an upgrade of mains or sub-mains cabling, new power circuits, three phase outlets or hardwiring of machinery.


Workplace Emergency Lighting


Does your workplace have appropriate levels of emergency lighting and emergency exit signage? These battery operated units activate in the event of power loss and provide you with a basic level of lighting and illuminated exit signage to ensure staff are able to safely make their way out of the building in an emergency.


Goodlec Electrical Contractors offers a range of services for emergency and exit lighting including:

  • Testing emergency and exit lighting (a mandatory requirement)
  • Repair/ replacement of faulty units
  • Installation of new emergency and exit lighting.
  • Fault Finding

Fault Finding


At Goodlec Electrical Contractors we have an experienced network of electricians and a comprehensive range of testing equipment. If you’ve got an electrical fault, we can find it and rectify the problem!


With our service vehicles on the road, and a capacity to service the greater Townsville region, Goodlec Electrical Contractors is well-placed to provide a responsive electrical service to your company.


Test and Tag


In Australia, it is a legal requirement for employers to ensure that all “specified electrical equipment”* is regularly tested by a competent person and then tagged as “safe” (Electrical Safety Act 2002).


This process involves testing all portable electrical appliances in the workplace, including electrical leads, electrical tools and appliances.


Our current per item rate for standard test and tag is $8 + GST. We can guarantee that you will be able to find a cheaper per item quote for test and tagging, but when comparing our price with others, remember that all our test and tag work is completed by licensed electricians, with a minimum of four years training behind them, not a one day testing course! The main advantage of using an electrician for your test and tagging is that any faults identified during testing can be repaired onsite on the same day.


*A full definition of what constitutes “Specified electrical equipment” can be found in the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.


Workplace Surge Protection


Installing a surge protection unit in your workplace protects your valuable electrical equipment from overvoltage spikes. This is particularly useful for protecting sensitive electrical products such as computer hardware. Take a moment to consider the impact that losing computer hardware (or worse – losing data) would have on your business. If the thought worries you then you should consider installing surge protection in your workplace.


Commercial Property Management


With our service vehicles on the road, and a capacity to service the regions surrounding Townsville, Goodlec Electrical Contractors is well placed to provide a responsive electrical service to Real Estate agencies.


One of the key features of our company that appeals to property managers is the reliability of our systems. These systems allow us to track our jobs in real time and ensure that every job gets actioned. It also allows us to quickly act on any follow-up that is required for the job. As a result, our Property Manager clients can be confident that when they submit a job, it will be done.


Phone and Data/Networking


Goodlec Electrical Contractors is an experienced provider of network solutions, with skills in the installation of cat5e, cat6 cabling. We work with most major data brands including Krone and Clipsal. As well as new installations, we are often called in to tidy up existing data installations through the use of cable management systems.


All of our technicians hold both electrical and ACMA master cabling licences. This combination of skills is invaluable in that you can be assured that all your data cabling is being installed by technicians who understand fundamental cable principles such as maintaining cable integrity, cable bend properties and data and power segregation. Additionally, any power requirements that your data installation may have, such as power for the data cabinet, can be completed by the same technician.


New Installations/ Refurbishments


Whether you just need one new power outlet for your office, an additional row of high bay lighting in the warehouse or are totally refurbishing your premises, Goodlec Electrical Contractors is here to help! We have extensive experience in commercial electrics and our skilled staff will be able to assist you with any job, big or small. We can even assist you in the design process!


We can provide power, lighting and data for:

  • Office and Store fit-outs
  • Warehouses and factories
  • Office and Store Refurbishments
  • Switchboard installations and upgrades.
  • Emergency and Exit lighting
  • Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades


At Goodlec Electrical Contractors, we have extensive experience with upgrading and switchboards for industrial/ commercial clients.


Our expertise extends to:

  • New Switchboard supply and installation
  • Mains upgrade and connection
  • All associated works: including pit construction, trenching, concrete cutting & reinstatement
  • Ergon liaison
  • Old Switchboard removal
  • Switchboard Modifcation to suit PV Grid Connect Solar